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A medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with individuals who have passed over into the world of spirit. This is a sacred and ancient form of communication and healing, which should be respected at all times. 

All mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. A medium has taken their psychic abilities a step further. Meaning, Marnie receives her messages directly from spirit energy (loved ones who have lived before). In her psychic readings, Marnie connects with spirit guides, angles and uses her clairvoyant abilities. In a Medium reading she connects with your loved ones. Marnie does not use cards or any tools and does not look at you during your personal reading, as she concentrates on the on world of spirit.

Mediumship is about validating life after death and providing evidential and healing information from the spirit world. Mediumship is collaborative event between the medium, the person receiving the information, the spirit world and is a delicate and spiritual process.

​Marnie has been communicating with Heaven since she was a child. Spirit always comes directly to her, so readings can be done in person and by phone. Marnie simply relays the information spirit provides.
She requests that no information be provided about the deceased, or the situation, and please do not bring photos. When spirit has communicated what they need to say, Marnie opens the door for you to ask questions, this is done near the end of the session. All readings are recorded.

Seeking a medium should be done to enhance your healing or to receive guidance. You will be provided with evidential information from your loved ones and messages that you need to hear, to enhance your life, healing and your future.

Join tea time with Canadian Psychic Medium Marnie Hill 

What is a Medium? 

Being a bridge for the afterlife comes with an enormous amount of responsibility and respect for spirit communication. Marnie takes her ability to the highest standard each and every time she does a session. Marnie knows first hand how difficult life can be, in fact, her own life has been full of life lessons, twist and turns, that provided her with opportunities for growth and soul healing. These unimaginable situations and the gift of being a Medium has blessed her with abilities and knowledge - for one purpose, so she could help you heal your soul, allowing you to live your best life!

Marnie gives clear, verifiable and evidential messages from your loved ones, she will connect with your spirit guides, and all spiritual beings of the light, she clarifies certain questions and pass along advice that can guide you. Marnie has been chatting with the spirit world since she was 5 years-old.

Marnie can help you:

  • find and experience peace after a personal loss;
  • heal and receive guidance, clarity and answers from loved ones in spirit;
  • release past emotions and blocks (and help you move forward);
  • overcome loss of a relationship, marriage, or loved one;
  • foster nurturing and loving relationships (both with others and yourself);
  • move towards success in your personal and professional life;
  • get in touch with your own intuition - teach you how to listen to your inner voice;
  • move forward after loss of a job, abuse or a sudden health discovery;
  • re-discover your dreams and coach you to start living them again;
  • find happiness and personal enrichment;

While her (spirit) world is deep and connected and powerful, she simplifies the information and makes it work for you – in today’s world. She takes all the information from spirit, the signs and all the messages from your loved ones and she applies it to you, she provides you with messages spirit has chosen to give you.  What she receives and ultimately shares with you, is all centered around love and truth, it is intended to give you the answers you need and the answers you’ve been searching for.

You know you have so much more to give and so much more to live. You deserve an opportunity to meet with someone who can give you the tools and resources to start living your best life. Your journey, the “new” you, can start today! Give Marnie a call and let her help heal your life. Together, you will find the power is within you… healing is possible. 

Giving you your " time to heal"

Marnie's coaching program will help heal your soul, guide you to find inner peace, personal strength, experience freedom from grief and help you move forward within life. Marnie is also a Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Certified Master Life Coach Practitioner and a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She has spent a number of years studying psychology and personal development and considers herself a life long learner of the human soul. Marnie has written her first book a soul's journey and is currently writing her next one. 

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Read all about Marnie's healing journey and her connection with spirit in her recently released book "a soul's journey" 

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Marnie has an extraordinary ability to talk to your loved ones in Spirit.  She helps people all over the world connect to their loved ones who have passed over. Marnie also guides others through grief and provides spiritual healing and life coaching. Your reading is recorded and you will receive a CD of the reading.
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Please note; Do not email Marnie before the reading to provide details or information about yourself or the situation, as it prevents her from giving you validation you are seeking & can inhibit the process of the reading.
Marnie is an internationally known Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Soul Enhancement™ Life Coach, and Published Author. She is a messenger between two worlds. Marnie works both locally and internationally with clients in person, by phone and by skype. People who come in contact with Marnie say she is a Life Changer, an incredibly Gifted Medium and someone who not only brings comfort and healing into their world, but a person who helps individuals and families through the journey of grief. 

Marnie is a natural born Medium (meaning she has been sensitive to spirit energy since birth - she was born with this gift). Marnie is also a 4th generation Medium. Her mission in this life is to use her gift as a Psychic Medium, and her knowledge and skills as an Intuitive Grief and Life Coach to help you heal your soul!

In order to further help individuals and families through the process of loss, life transitions and soul healing, Marnie has created the Soul Enhancement™ Life Coaching program.

Do you have a question regarding the Afterlife? Spirit World? Grief Healing, her new book A Soul's Journey? Or anything Spiritual? Send your questions to her by email and she may just answer it on her youtube channel! TEA TIME WILL BE BACK IN THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER!

Canadian  Medium Marnie Hill